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Withdrawal of area within city or town.

A special district may withdraw area from its boundaries that is located within the boundaries of a city or town, or area that includes area both within and adjacent to the boundaries of any city or town, under this section.
(1) The withdrawal of area is authorized upon the following conditions being met: (a) Adoption of a resolution by the special district requesting withdrawal of the area from the district; (b) adoption of a resolution by the city or town council approving the withdrawal of the special district from the area; (c) assumption by the city or town of full responsibility for the maintenance, improvements, and collection of payment for the operation of the system previously operated by the special district in the area; (d) transfer by the special district of all rights-of-way or easements in the area to the city or town by quit claim or deed; and (e) adoption of an interlocal agreement between the special district and the city or town that reimburses the special district for lost assessment revenue from the withdrawn area, that transfers any facilities or improvements owned by the special district to the city or town as agreed between the parties, and that requires the city or town to maintain existing water runoff and water quality levels in the area.
(2) Property in the territory withdrawn from the boundaries of a special district under this section shall remain liable for any special assessments of the special district from which it was withdrawn, if the special assessments are associated with bonds or notes used to finance facilities serving the property, to the same extent as if the withdrawal of property had not occurred.
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