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Transfer of territory from one special district to another.

Territory that is located in one special district may be transferred from that special district to another special district as provided in this section, if a portion of this territory is coterminous with a portion of the boundaries of the special district to which it is transferred. Such a transfer shall be accomplished using the procedures in RCW 85.38.200 for annexing territory, except that the governing body of both special districts must approve the transfer and make findings that the transfer is in the public interest and that the special district to which the territory is transferred is better able to provide the activities and facilities serving the territory than the special district from which the territory is transferred.
Property in the territory so transferred shall remain liable for any special assessments of the special district from which it was transferred, if the special assessments are associated with bonds or notes used to finance facilities serving the property, to the same extent as if the transfer had not occurred.
A transfer of territory also may include the transfer of property, facilities, and improvements owned by one special district to the other special district, with or without consideration being paid.
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