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Consolidation of contiguous districtsProcedures.

Two or more special districts that are contiguously located with each other, or which occupy all or part of the same territory, may consolidate as provided in this section. The consolidation shall result in the creation of a flood control district.
A consolidation may be initiated by: (1) The filing of a petition requesting the action that is signed by eligible voters of each special district who constitute at least ten percent of the eligible voters of the special district, or who own at least a majority of the acreage in the special district; or (2) the adoption of a resolution requesting such action by the governing body of each special district. The petitions shall be filed with, and the resolutions shall be submitted to, the county legislative authority of the county within which all or the largest portion of the special districts is located. The auditor of the county, or auditors of the counties, within which these districts are located shall authenticate the signatures on the petitions and certify the results. An election to authorize the consolidation shall be held not more than one hundred eighty days after the date of the filing of the resolutions, or the determination that sufficient valid signatures are included on the petition from the voters of each of the special districts.
The consolidation shall be authorized if voters in each of the special districts approve a ballot proposition favoring the consolidation by a simple majority vote. Members of the governing body of the consolidated special district shall be selected as provided in RCW 85.38.070 for a newly created special district and the consolidation shall be effective when these initial members of the governing body are so appointed.
All moneys, rights, property, assets and liabilities of the consolidating special districts shall vest in and become the obligation of the new consolidated special district, except that any indebtedness of a consolidating special district shall remain an indebtedness of the original consolidating special district and lands within the original consolidating special district. The governing body of the new consolidated special district shall impose special assessments on lands in the original consolidating special district to redeem this indebtedness. However, the new consolidated special district may issue funding or refunding bonds or notes and fund or refund such indebtedness. The new consolidated special district may continue imposing special assessments pursuant to the various systems of assessment used by the original consolidating special districts, or may establish a new system or systems of assessment in all or part of the new consolidated special district to finance its operations.


Severability1986 c 278: See note following RCW 36.01.010.
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