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Fare paymentProsecution for theft, trespass, or other charges.

Nothing in RCW 81.112.020 and 81.112.210 through 81.112.230 shall be deemed to prevent law enforcement authorities from prosecuting for theft, trespass, or other charges by any individual who:
(1) Fails to pay the required fare on more than one occasion within a twelve-month period;
(2) Fails to timely select one of the options for responding to the notice of civil infraction after receiving a statement of the options provided in this chapter for responding to the notice of infraction and the procedures necessary to exercise these options; or
(3) Fails to depart the facility when requested to do so by a person designated to monitor fare payment.


PurposeIntent1999 c 20: See note following RCW 81.112.210.
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