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Financial aid to counties and cities.

*** CHANGE IN 2019 *** (SEE 1543-S2.SL) ***
Any county may apply to the department on a form prescribed thereby for financial aid for the preparation of the comprehensive county plan for solid waste management required by RCW 70.95.080. Any city electing to prepare an independent city plan, a joint city plan, or a joint county-city plan for solid waste management for inclusion in the county comprehensive plan may apply for financial aid for such purpose through the county. Every city application for financial aid for planning shall be filed with the county auditor and shall be included as a part of the county's application for financial aid. Any city preparing an independent plan shall provide for disposal sites wholly within its jurisdiction.
The department shall allocate to the counties and cities applying for financial aid for planning, such funds as may be available pursuant to legislative appropriations or from any federal grants for such purpose.
The department shall determine priorities and allocate available funds among the counties and cities applying for aid according to criteria established by regulations of the department considering population, urban development, environmental effects of waste disposal, existing waste handling practices, and the local justification of their proposed expenditures.
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