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Solid waste disposal facility sitingSite reviewLocal solid waste advisory committeesMembership.

(1) Each county or city siting a solid waste disposal facility shall review each potential site for conformance with the standards as set by the department for:
(a) Geology;
(b) Groundwater;
(c) Soil;
(d) Flooding;
(e) Surface water;
(f) Slope;
(g) Cover material;
(h) Capacity;
(i) Climatic factors;
(j) Land use;
(k) Toxic air emissions; and
(l) Other factors as determined by the department.
(2) The standards in subsection (1) of this section shall be designed to use the best available technology to protect the environment and human health, and shall be revised periodically to reflect new technology and information.
(3) Each county shall establish a local solid waste advisory committee to assist in the development of programs and policies concerning solid waste handling and disposal and to review and comment upon proposed rules, policies, or ordinances prior to their adoption. Such committees shall consist of a minimum of nine members and shall represent a balance of interests including, but not limited to, citizens, public interest groups, business, the waste management industry, agriculture, and local elected public officials. The members shall be appointed by the county legislative authority. A county or city shall not apply for funds from the state and local improvements revolving account, Waste Disposal Facilities, 1980, under *RCW 43.83.350, for the preparation, update, or major amendment of a comprehensive solid waste management plan unless the plan or revision has been prepared with the active assistance and participation of a local solid waste advisory committee.


*Reviser's note: RCW 43.83.350 was repealed by 2024 c 168 s 2.
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