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Technical assistance for plan preparationGuidelinesInformational materials and programs.

*** CHANGE IN 2019 *** (SEE 1543-S2.SL) ***
(1) The department or the commission, as appropriate, shall provide to counties and cities technical assistance including, but not limited to, planning guidelines, in the preparation, review, and revision of solid waste management plans required by this chapter. Guidelines prepared under this section shall be consistent with the provisions of this chapter. Guidelines for the preparation of the waste reduction and recycling element of the comprehensive solid waste management plan shall be completed by the department by March 15, 1990. These guidelines shall provide recommendations to local government on materials to be considered for designation as recyclable materials. The state solid waste management plan prepared pursuant to RCW 70.95.260 shall be consistent with these guidelines.
(2) The department shall be responsible for development and implementation of a comprehensive statewide public information program designed to encourage waste reduction, source separation, and recycling by the public. The department shall operate a toll free hotline to provide the public information on waste reduction and recycling.
(3) The department shall provide technical assistance to local governments in the development and dissemination of informational materials and related activities to assure recognition of unique local waste reduction and recycling programs.
(4) Local governments shall make all materials and information developed with the assistance grants provided under RCW 70.95.130 available to the department for potential use in other areas of the state.
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