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Burning of brush and yard waste in a city or town located partially inside a quarantine area for apple maggotPermitReport to the legislature. (Expires July 1, 2020.)

(1) A city or town that is located partially inside a quarantine area for apple maggot (Rhagoletis pomonella) established by the Washington state department of agriculture may apply for a permit pursuant to RCW 70.94.6528 for the burning of brush and yard waste generated within the city or town, provided that the city or town satisfies the following requirements:
(a) Burning must be conducted by city or town employees, by contractors under the supervision of city or town employees, or by the city or town fire department or other local fire officials;
(b) Burning must be conducted under the supervision of the city or town fire department or other local fire officials and in consultation with the department of agriculture and the department of ecology or an air pollution control authority, as applicable;
(c) Burning must not be conducted more than four times per calendar year; and
(d) The city or town must issue a media advisory announcing any burning conducted under this section prior to engaging in any such burning.
(2) The department and the department of agriculture are directed to submit to the appropriate policy committees of the legislature no later than November 1, 2018, a report that addresses the available options for the processing and disposal of municipal yard waste generated in areas subject to the apple maggot quarantine, including:
(a) Techniques that neutralize any apple maggot larvae that may be contained within such yard waste;
(b) Identification of facilities that are capable of receiving such yard waste;
(c) Alternatives to outdoor burning, such as composting, chipping, biochar production, and biomass electrical generation; and
(d) A comparison of the costs of such alternatives.
(3) This section expires July 1, 2020.
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