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Exemption from insurance code.

(1) The activities and operations of the Washington basic health plan under this chapter, including those of managed health care systems to the extent of their participation in the plan, are exempt from the provisions and requirements of Title 48 RCW except:
(a) Benefits as provided in RCW 70.47.070;
(b) Managed health care systems are subject to the provisions of RCW 48.43.022, 48.43.500, 70.02.045, 48.43.505 through 48.43.535, 48.43.537, 48.43.545, 48.43.550, 70.02.110, and 70.02.900;
(c) Persons appointed or authorized to solicit applications for enrollment in the basic health plan, including employees of the health care authority, must comply with chapter 48.17 RCW. For purposes of this subsection (1)(c), "solicit" does not include distributing information and applications for the basic health plan and responding to questions;
(d) Amounts paid to a managed health care system by the basic health plan for participating in the basic health plan and providing health care services for nonsubsidized enrollees in the basic health plan must comply with RCW 48.14.0201; and
(e) Administrative simplification requirements as provided in chapter 298, Laws of 2009.
(2) The purpose of the 1994 amendatory language to this section in chapter 309, Laws of 1994 is to clarify the intent of the legislature that premiums paid on behalf of nonsubsidized enrollees in the basic health plan are subject to the premium and prepayment tax. The legislature does not consider this clarifying language to either raise existing taxes nor to impose a tax that did not exist previously.


IntentPurpose2000 c 5: See RCW 48.43.500.
ApplicationShort titleCaptions not lawConstructionSeverabilityApplication to contractsEffective dates2000 c 5: See notes following RCW 48.43.500.
Contingency1994 c 309 §§ 5 and 6: See note following RCW 70.47.060.
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