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AdministratorContracts for services.

In addition to the powers and duties specified in RCW 70.47.040 and 70.47.060, the *administrator has the power to enter into contracts for the following functions and services:
(1) With public or private agencies, to assist the *administrator in her or his duties to design or revise the schedule of covered basic health care services, and/or to monitor or evaluate the performance of participating managed health care systems.
(2) With public or private agencies, to provide technical or professional assistance to health care providers, particularly public or private nonprofit organizations and providers serving rural areas, who show serious intent and apparent capability to participate in the plan as managed health care systems.
(3) With public or private agencies, including health care service contractors registered under RCW 48.44.015, and doing business in the state, for marketing and administrative services in connection with participation of managed health care systems, enrollment of enrollees, billing and collection services to the *administrator, and other administrative functions ordinarily performed by health care service contractors, other than insurance. Any activities of a health care service contractor pursuant to a contract with the *administrator under this section shall be exempt from the provisions and requirements of Title 48 RCW except that persons appointed or authorized to solicit applications for enrollment in the basic health plan shall comply with chapter 48.17 RCW.


*Reviser's note: The definition of "administrator" was changed to "director" in RCW 70.47.020 by 2011 1st sp.s. c 15 § 83.
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