Chapter 70.47 RCW



HTMLPDF 70.47.002Intent2002 c 2 (Initiative Measure No. 773).
HTMLPDF 70.47.005Transfer power, duties, and functions to Washington state health care authority.
HTMLPDF 70.47.010Legislative findingsPurposeDirector to coordinate eligibility.
HTMLPDF 70.47.015EnrollmentFindingsIntentEnrollee premium shareExpedited application and enrollment processCommission for insurance producers.
HTMLPDF 70.47.020Definitions.
HTMLPDF 70.47.030Basic health plan trust accountBasic health plan subscription account.
HTMLPDF 70.47.040Basic health planHealth care authority head to be administratorJoint operations.
HTMLPDF 70.47.050Rules.
HTMLPDF 70.47.060Powers and duties of administratorSchedule of servicesPremiums, copayments, subsidiesEnrollment.
HTMLPDF 70.47.0601Income determinationUnemployment compensation.
HTMLPDF 70.47.070Benefits from other coverages not reduced.
HTMLPDF 70.47.080Enrollment of applicantsParticipation limitations.
HTMLPDF 70.47.090Removal of enrollees.
HTMLPDF 70.47.100Participation by a managed health care systemExpiration of subsections.
HTMLPDF 70.47.110Enrollment of medical assistance recipients.
HTMLPDF 70.47.115Enrollment of persons in timber impact areas.
HTMLPDF 70.47.120AdministratorContracts for services.
HTMLPDF 70.47.130Exemption from insurance code.
HTMLPDF 70.47.140Reservation of legislative power.
HTMLPDF 70.47.150Confidentiality.
HTMLPDF 70.47.160Right of individuals to receive servicesRight of providers, carriers, and facilities to refuse to participate in or pay for services for reason of conscience or religionRequirements.
HTMLPDF 70.47.170Annual reporting requirement.
HTMLPDF 70.47.200Mental health servicesDefinitionCoverage required, when.
HTMLPDF 70.47.201Mental health servicesRules.
HTMLPDF 70.47.210Prostate cancer screening.
HTMLPDF 70.47.220Increase in reimbursement rates not applicable.
HTMLPDF 70.47.240Discontinuation of health coveragePreexisting condition.
HTMLPDF 70.47.250Federal basic health optionReport to legislatureCertificationDirector's findingsProgram's guiding principles.
HTMLPDF 70.47.900Short title.
HTMLPDF 70.47.902ConstructionChapter applicable to state registered domestic partnerships2009 c 521.