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(1) The department of health shall:
(a) Conduct routine, unannounced inspections of private detention facilities including, but not limited to, inspection of food service and food handling, sanitation and hygiene, and nutrition as provided in (c) of this subsection;
(b) Conduct investigations of complaints received relating to any private detention facility located within the state;
(c) Regularly review the list of food items provided to detained persons to ensure the specific nutrition and calorie needs of each detained person are met, including any needs related to medical requirements, food allergies, or religious dietary restrictions;
(d) Test water used for drinking and bathing and air quality every six months at private detention facilities both inside and outside of the facility; and
(e) Post inspection results on its website and in a conspicuous place viewable by detained persons and visitors to private detention facilities. Results should be posted in English and in languages spoken by detainees, to the extent practicable.
(2) The department of health may delegate food safety inspections to the local health jurisdiction, where the local health jurisdiction is in the county where the private detention facility is located, to conduct inspections pursuant to regulations.
(3) The department of health shall adopt rules as may be necessary to effectuate the intent and purposes of this section in order to ensure private detention facilities allow regular inspections and comply with measurable standards providing sanitary, hygienic, and safe conditions for detained persons.
(4) The department of labor and industries shall conduct routine, unannounced inspections of workplace conditions at private detention facilities, including work undertaken by detained persons.
(5) The office of the attorney general may enforce violations of this section on its own initiative or in response to complaints or violations.


Effective dateConstruction2023 c 419: See notes following RCW 42.56.475.
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