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Program funding.

(1) A covered manufacturer or group of covered manufacturers must pay all administrative and operational costs associated with establishing and implementing the drug take-back program in which they participate. Such administrative and operational costs include, but are not limited to: Collection and transportation supplies for each collection site; purchase of secure collection receptacles for each collection site; ongoing maintenance or replacement of secure collection receptacles when requested by authorized collectors; prepaid, preaddressed mailers; compensation of authorized collectors, if applicable; operation of periodic collection events, including the cost of law enforcement staff time; transportation of all collected covered drugs to final disposal; environmentally sound disposal of all collected covered drugs in compliance with RCW 69.48.080; and program promotion and outreach.
(2) A program operator, covered manufacturer, authorized collector, or other person may not charge:
(a) A specific point-of-sale fee to consumers to recoup the costs of a drug take-back program; or
(b) A specific point-of-collection fee at the time covered drugs are collected from covered entities.


Sunset Act application: See note following chapter digest.
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