Chapter 69.48 RCW



HTMLPDF 69.48.010Findings.
HTMLPDF 69.48.020Definitions.
HTMLPDF 69.48.030Requirement to participate in a drug take-back program.
HTMLPDF 69.48.040Identification of covered manufacturers.
HTMLPDF 69.48.050Drug take-back program approvalProgram modifications.
HTMLPDF 69.48.060Collection system.
HTMLPDF 69.48.070Drug take-back program promotion.
HTMLPDF 69.48.080Disposal and handling of covered drugs.
HTMLPDF 69.48.090Program funding.
HTMLPDF 69.48.100Annual program report.
HTMLPDF 69.48.110Enforcement and penalties.
HTMLPDF 69.48.120Department to set program fees.
HTMLPDF 69.48.130Secure drug take-back program account.
HTMLPDF 69.48.140Antitrust immunity.
HTMLPDF 69.48.150Federal law, effect on this chapter.
HTMLPDF 69.48.160Local ordinancesGrandfatheringPreemption.
HTMLPDF 69.48.170Public disclosure.
HTMLPDF 69.48.180Rule making.
HTMLPDF 69.48.190Report to legislature.
HTMLPDF 69.48.200Survey.


Reviser's noteSunset Act application: The drug take-back program is subject to review, termination, and possible extension under chapter 43.131 RCW, the Sunset Act. See RCW 43.131.423. RCW 69.48.010 through 69.48.200 are scheduled for future repeal under RCW 43.131.424.