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Annual program report.

(1) By July 1st after the first full year of implementation, and each July 1st thereafter, a program operator must submit to the department a report describing implementation of the drug take-back program during the previous calendar year. The report must include:
(a) A list of covered manufacturers participating in the drug take-back program;
(b) The amount, by weight, of covered drugs collected, including the amount by weight from each collection method used;
(c) The following details regarding the program's collection system: A list of collection sites with addresses; the number of mailers provided; locations where mailers were provided, if applicable; dates and locations of collection events held, if applicable; and the transporters and disposal facility or facilities used;
(d) Whether any safety or security problems occurred during collection, transportation, or disposal of covered drugs, and if so, completed and anticipated changes to policies, procedures, or tracking mechanisms to address the problem and improve safety and security;
(e) A description of the public education, outreach, and evaluation activities implemented;
(f) A description of how collected packaging was recycled to the extent feasible;
(g) A summary of the program's goals for collection amounts and public awareness, the degree of success in meeting those goals, and if any goals have not been met, what effort will be made to achieve those goals the following year; and
(h) The program's annual expenditures, itemized by program category.
(2) Within thirty days after each annual period of operation of an approved drug take-back program, the program operator shall submit an annual collection amount report to the department that provides the total amount, by weight, of covered drugs collected from each collection site during the prior year.
(3) The department shall make reports submitted under this section available to the public through the internet.


Sunset Act application: See note following chapter digest.
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