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Free gifts, awards, and prizesSecurity arrangement required of promisorOther requirementsPrivate causes of action.

(1) No person, including a promoter, may advertise, sell, contract for, solicit, arrange, or promise a free gift, an award, a prize, or other item of value in this state as a condition for attending a sales presentation, touring a facility, or performing other activities in connection with the offer or sale of a timeshare under this chapter, without first providing the director with a bond, letter of credit, cash depository, or other security arrangement that will assure performance by the promisor and delivery of the promised gift, award, sweepstakes, prize, or other item of value.
(2) Promoters under this chapter shall be strictly liable for delivering promised gifts, prizes, awards, or other items of value offered or advertised in connection with the marketing of timeshares.
(3) Persons promised but not receiving gifts, prizes, awards, or other items of consideration covered under this section, shall be entitled in any cause of action in the courts of this state in which their causes prevail, to be awarded treble the stated value of the gifts, prizes, or awards, court costs, and reasonable attorney fees.
(4) The director may require that any fees or funds of any description collected from persons in advance, in connection with delivery by the promisor of gifts, prizes, awards, or other items of value covered under this section, be placed in a depository in this state, where they shall remain until performance by the promisor.
(5) The director may require commercial promotional programs to be registered and require the provision of whatever information, including financial information, the department deems necessary for protection of purchasers.
(6) Persons offering commercial promotional programs shall sign and present to the department a consent to service of process, in the manner required of promoters in this chapter.
(7) Registrants or their agents or other persons shall not take possession of promotional materials covered under this section and RCW 64.36.310, from recipients who have received the materials for attending a sales presentation or touring a project, unless the permission of the recipient is received and the recipient is provided with an accurate signed copy describing such promotional materials. The department shall adopt rules enforcing this subsection.
(8) Chapter 19.170 RCW applies to free gifts, awards, prizes, or other items of value regulated under this chapter.
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