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Membership lists available for members and ownersConditionsExclusion of members' names from listCommercial use of list.

(1) Concerning any timeshare offered or sited in this state, it is unlawful and a violation of this chapter and chapter 19.86 RCW for any person, developer, promoter, operator, or other person in control of timeshares or the board of directors or appropriate officer of timeshares with such responsibilities, to fail to provide a member/owner of a timeshare with a membership list, including names, addresses, and lot, unit, or interval owned, under the following circumstances:
(a) Upon demand or by rule or order of the director of the department, for whatever purpose deemed necessary to administer this chapter;
(b) Upon written request sent by certified mail being made by a member of the timeshare, to a declarant, promoter, or other person who has established and is yet in control of the timeshare;
(c) Upon written request sent by certified mail of a member of a timeshare to the board of directors or appropriate officer of the timeshare or an affiliated timeshare.
(2) The board of directors of the timeshare may require that any applicant for a membership list, other than the department, pay reasonable costs for providing the list and an affidavit that the applicant will not use and will be responsible for any use of the list for commercial purposes.
(3) Upon request, a member's name shall be excluded from a membership list available to any person other than the director of licensing for purposes of administering statutes that are its responsibility. Such persons shall make their request for exclusion in writing by certified mail to the board of directors or the appropriate officer or director of the timeshare.
(4) It is unlawful for any person to use a membership list obtained under this section or otherwise, for commercial purposes, unless written permission to do so has been received from the board of directors or appropriate officer of the timeshare. Wilful use of a membership list for commercial purposes without such permission shall subject the violator to damages, costs, and reasonable attorneys' fees in any legal proceedings instituted by a member in which the member prevails alleging violation of this section. Members may petition the courts of this state for orders restraining such commercial use.
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