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Copy of advertisement to be filed with director before publicationApplication of chapter limited.

(1) No person may publish any advertisement in this state offering a timeshare which is subject to the registration requirements of RCW 64.36.020 unless a true copy of the advertisement has been filed in the office of the director at least seven days before publication or a shorter period which the director by rule may establish. The right to subsequently publish the advertisement is subject to the approval of the director within that seven day period.
(2) Nothing in this chapter applies to any radio or television station or any publisher, printer, or distributor of any newspaper, magazine, billboard, or other advertising medium which accepts advertising in good faith without knowledge of its violation of any provision of this chapter. This subsection does not apply, however, to any publication devoted primarily to the soliciting of resale timeshare offerings and where the publisher or owner of the publication collects advance fees for the purpose of locating or finding potential resale buyers or sellers.
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