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Group life insuranceNoninsurance benefits.

(1) A life insurer may include the following noninsurance benefits as part of a policy or certificate of group life insurance, with the prior approval of the commissioner:
(a) Will preparation services;
(b) Financial planning and estate planning services;
(c) Probate and estate settlement services;
(d) Grief counseling;
(e) Funeral planning and funeral services, but it must be disclosed that this noninsurance benefit does not constitute an insurance funded prearrangement contract, pursuant to RCW 18.39.255; and
(f) Such other services as the commissioner may identify by rule.
(2) The commissioner may adopt rules to regulate the disclosure of noninsurance benefits permitted under this section, including but not limited to guidelines regarding the coverage provided under the policy or certificate of insurance.
(3) Those providing the services listed in subsection (1) of this section must be appropriately licensed.
(4) This section does not require the commissioner to approve any particular proposed noninsurance benefit. The commissioner may disapprove any proposed noninsurance benefit that the commissioner determines may tend to promote or facilitate the violation of any other section of this title.
(5) This section does not expand, limit, or otherwise affect the authority and ethical obligations of those who are authorized by the state supreme court to practice law in this state. This section does not limit the prohibition against the unauthorized practice of law under chapter 2.48 RCW.
(6) This section does not affect the application of chapter 21.20 RCW.
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