Chapter 48.24 RCW



HTMLPDF 48.24.010Group requirements.
HTMLPDF 48.24.020Employee groups.
HTMLPDF 48.24.025Payment of premium by employee when compensation suspended due to labor dispute.
HTMLPDF 48.24.027Offering group life insurance to state residentsCommissioner's findings.
HTMLPDF 48.24.030Dependents of employees or members of certain groups.
HTMLPDF 48.24.035Credit union groups.
HTMLPDF 48.24.040Debtor groups.
HTMLPDF 48.24.045Certain associations as groups.
HTMLPDF 48.24.050Labor union groups.
HTMLPDF 48.24.060Public employee associations.
HTMLPDF 48.24.070Trustee groups.
HTMLPDF 48.24.080Insurance producer groups.
HTMLPDF 48.24.090Washington state patrol.
HTMLPDF 48.24.095Financial institutions.
HTMLPDF 48.24.100Standard provisions.
HTMLPDF 48.24.110Grace period.
HTMLPDF 48.24.120Incontestability.
HTMLPDF 48.24.130The contractRepresentations.
HTMLPDF 48.24.140Insurability.
HTMLPDF 48.24.150Misstatement of age or sex.
HTMLPDF 48.24.160BeneficiaryFuneral, last illness expenses.
HTMLPDF 48.24.170Certificates.
HTMLPDF 48.24.180Conversion on termination of eligibility.
HTMLPDF 48.24.190Conversion on termination of policy.
HTMLPDF 48.24.200Death pending conversion.
HTMLPDF 48.24.210Limitation of liability.
HTMLPDF 48.24.240Readjustment of premium.
HTMLPDF 48.24.260Application of dividends or rate reductions.
HTMLPDF 48.24.270Payment of proceedsInterest, when delayed.
HTMLPDF 48.24.280Group life insuranceNoninsurance benefits.
HTMLPDF 48.24.900ConstructionChapter applicable to state registered domestic partnerships2009 c 521.


Charitable gift annuity business: Chapter 48.38 RCW.
Exemption of proceeds, group life: RCW 48.18.420.
Group insurance on irrigation district employees: RCW 87.03.160.
Payment to person designated in policy or by assignment discharges insurer: RCW 48.18.370.
Payroll deduction of public employees for insurance and medical benefits authorized: RCW 41.04.020.
Payroll deductions and employees' contribution for group insurance on employees of second-class cities or towns authorized: RCW 35.23.460.
Policy dividends are payable to real party in interest: RCW 48.18.340.
Policy forms, execution, filing, etc.: Chapter 48.18 RCW.