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Payment of proceedsInterest, when delayed.

(1) An insurer shall pay the proceeds of any benefits under a policy of group life insurance insuring the life of any person who was a resident of this state at the time of death. The proceeds must be paid not more than thirty days after the insurer has received satisfactory proof of death of the insured. If the proceeds are not paid within the thirty-day period, the insurer shall also pay interest on the proceeds from the date of death of the insured to the date when the proceeds are paid.
(2) The interest required under subsection (1) of this section accrues commencing on the date of death at the rate then paid by the insurer on other withdrawable policy proceeds left with the company or eight percent, whichever is greater.
(3) Benefits payable that have not been tendered to the beneficiary within ninety days of the receipt of proof of death accrue interest, commencing on the ninety-first day, at the rate under subsection (2) of this section plus three percent.
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