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Private sector contractor's dutiesDirector's dutiesRolloversRulesParticipation of private sector financial services firms.

(1) The director shall contract with a private sector entity to:
(a) Establish a protocol for reviewing and approving the qualifications of all private sector financial services firms that meet the qualifications to participate in the marketplace;
(b) Design and operate an internet website that includes information about how eligible employers can voluntarily participate in the marketplace;
(c) Develop marketing materials about the marketplace that can be distributed electronically, posted on agency websites that interact with eligible employers, or inserted into mail from the department of revenue, department of labor and industries, employment security department, the office of minority and women's business enterprises, department of licensing, and secretary of state's division of corporations;
(d) Identify and promote existing federal and state tax credits and benefits for employers and employees that are related to encouraging retirement savings or participating in retirement plans; and
(e) Promote the benefits of retirement savings and other information that promotes financial literacy.
(2) The director shall address how rollovers are handled for eligible Washington employers that have workers in other states, and whether out-of-state employees with existing IRA's can roll them into the plans offered through the Washington small business retirement marketplace.
(3) The director shall direct the entity retained pursuant to subsection (1) of this section to assure that licensed professionals who assist their eligible business clients or employees to enroll in a plan offered through the Washington small business retirement marketplace may receive routine, market-based commissions or other compensation for their services.
(4) The director shall ensure by rule that there is objective criteria in the protocol provided in subsection (1)(a) of this section and that the protocol does not provide unfair advantage to the private sector entity which establishes the protocol.
(5) The director shall encourage the participation of private sector financial services firms in the marketplace.
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