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FindingsInvolvement of state bond authorities in financing energy efficiency projects.

(1) The legislature finds that the state bond authorities have capacities that can be applied to financing energy efficiency projects for their respective eligible borrowers: Washington economic development finance authority for industry; Washington state housing finance commission for single-family and multifamily housing, commercial properties, agricultural properties, and nonprofit facilities; Washington higher education facilities authority for private, nonprofit higher education; and Washington health care facilities authority for hospitals and all types of health clinics.
(2)(a) Subject to federal requirements, the state bond authorities may accept and administer an allocation of the state's share of the federal energy efficiency funding for designing energy efficiency finance loan products and for developing and operating energy efficiency finance programs. The state bond authorities shall coordinate with the department on the design of the bond authorities' program.
(b) The department may make allocations of the federal funding to the state bond authorities and may direct and administer funding for outreach, marketing, and delivery of energy services to support the programs by the state bond authorities.
(c) The legislature authorizes a portion of the federal energy efficiency funds to be used by the state bond authorities for credit enhancements and reserves for such programs.
(3) The Washington state housing finance commission may:
(a) Issue revenue bonds as the term "bond" is defined in RCW 43.180.020 for the purpose of financing loans for energy efficiency and renewable energy improvement projects in accordance with RCW 43.180.150;
(b) Establish eligibility criteria for financing that will enable it to choose applicants who are likely to repay loans made or acquired by the commission and funded from the proceeds of federal funds or commission bonds; and
(c) Participate fully in federal and other governmental programs and take such actions as are necessary and consistent with chapter 43.180 RCW to secure to itself and the people of the state the benefits of programs to promote energy efficiency and renewable energy technologies.


FindingIntentEffective date2009 c 379: See notes following RCW 70A.50.010.
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