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ReceivershipPowers of receiver.

Upon appointment of a receiver, the current or former licensee or operator and managing agent, if any, shall be divested of possession and control of the nursing home in favor of the receiver who shall have full responsibility and authority to continue operation of the home and the care of the residents. The receiver may perform all acts reasonably necessary to carry out the purposes of receivership, including, but not limited to:
(1) Protecting the health, security, and welfare of the residents;
(2) Remedying violations of state and federal law and regulations governing the operation of the home;
(3) Hiring, directing, managing, and discharging all consultants and employees for just cause; discharging the administrator of the nursing home; recognizing collective bargaining agreements; and settling labor disputes;
(4) Receiving and expending in a prudent manner all revenues and financial resources of the home; and
(5) Making all repairs and replacements needed for patient health, security, and welfare: PROVIDED, That expenditures for repairs or replacements in excess of five thousand dollars shall require approval of the court which shall expedite approval or disapproval for such expenditure.
Upon order of the court, a receiver may not be required to honor leases, mortgages, secured transactions, or contracts if the rent, price, or rate of interest was not a reasonable rent, price, or rate of interest at the time the contract was entered into or if a material provision of the contract is unreasonable.
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