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ReceivershipCompensation, liabilityRevision of medicaid reimbursement rate.

If a receiver is appointed, the court shall set reasonable compensation for the receiver to be paid from operating revenues of the nursing home. The receiver shall be liable in his or her personal capacity only for negligent acts, intentional acts, or a breach of a fiduciary duty to either the residents of the facility or the current or former licensee or owner of the facility.
The department may revise the nursing home's medicaid reimbursement rate, consistent with reimbursement principles in chapter 74.46 RCW and rules adopted under that chapter, if revision is necessary to cover the receiver's compensation and other reasonable costs associated with the receivership and transition of control. Rate revision may also be granted if necessary to cover start-up costs and costs of repairs, replacements, and additional staff needed for patient health, security, or welfare. The property return on investment components of the medicaid rate shall be established for the receiver consistent with reimbursement principles in chapter 74.46 RCW. The department may also expedite the issuance of necessary licenses, contracts, and certifications, temporary or otherwise, necessary to carry out the purposes of receivership.
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