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ReceivershipFinancial assistanceUse of revenues and proceeds of facility.

Upon order of the court, the department shall provide emergency or transitional financial assistance to a receiver not to exceed thirty thousand dollars. The receiver shall file with the court an accounting for any money expended. Any emergency or transitional expenditure made by the department on behalf of a nursing home not certified to participate in the Medicaid Title XIX program shall be recovered from revenue generated by the facility which revenue is not obligated to the operation of the facility. An action to recover such sums may be filed by the department against the former licensee or owner at the time the expenditure is made, regardless of whether the facility is certified to participate in the Medicaid Title XIX program or not.
In lieu of filing an action, the department may file a lien on the facility or on the proceeds of the sale of the facility. Such a lien shall take priority over all other liens except for liens for wages to employees. The owner of the facility shall be entitled to the proceeds of the facility or the sale of the facility to the extent that these exceed the liabilities of the facility, including liabilities to the state, receiver, employees, and contractors, at the termination of the receivership.
Revenues relating to services provided by the current or former licensee, operator, or owner and available operating funds belonging to such licensee, operator, or owner shall be under the control of the receiver. The receiver shall consult the court in cases of extraordinary or questionable debts incurred prior to his or her appointment and shall not have the power to close the home or sell any assets of the home without prior court approval.
Priority shall be given to debts and expenditures directly related to providing care and meeting the needs of patients. Any payment made to the receiver shall discharge the obligation of the payor to the owner of the facility.
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