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Commission authority.

The commission shall have the power, duty, and responsibility to assist in the retention, expansion, and attraction of hardwood-related industries by creating a climate for development and support of the industry. The commission shall coordinate efforts to enhance and promote the expansion of the forest industry among state and federal agencies, industry organizations, and institutions of higher education. The commission shall have the power and duty to develop products and markets for various species and grades of hardwoods, and to study and recommend a tax program that will attract new firms and promote stability for existing firms. The commission shall also have as its duty the development of an enhancement and protection program that will reduce waste and respect environmental sensitivity. The commission will develop financial assistance programs from public and private moneys for attraction and expansion of new and existing primary, secondary, and tertiary processing facilities. It is also appropriate that the commission utilize recognized experts in educational institutions, public and private foundations, and agencies of the state, to facilitate research into economic development, hardwood silviculture, woodland management, and the development of new products. The commission will also work cooperatively with the department of natural resources in the development of best management practices for hardwood resources.
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