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Commission created.

In recognition of the findings and purposes in RCW 15.74.005, there is created the Washington hardwoods commission, which is created solely for the purposes set forth in this chapter. The commission shall be comprised of seven members. All members shall be members of the hardwood industry. All members shall initially be appointed by the governor and shall be appointed to staggered terms. Three members shall be appointed for a two-year term, two members to a three-year term, and two members to a four-year term. The hardwoods commission shall, by January 1, 1991, develop a method of electing board members to replace the appointed members. Each board member shall serve until the election of his or her successor. Five voting members of the commission constitute a quorum for the transaction of any business of the commission. Each member of the commission shall be a resident of the state and over the age of twenty-one.
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