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Commission management.

The commission shall have the power to elect a chair and such officers as the commission deems necessary and advisable. The commission shall elect a treasurer who shall be responsible for all receipts and disbursements by the commission. The treasurer's faithful discharge of duties shall be guaranteed by a bond at the sole expense of the commission. The commission shall adopt rules for its governance, which shall provide for the holding of an annual meeting for the election of officers and the transaction of other business and for such other meetings as the commission may direct. The commission shall do all things reasonably necessary to effect the purposes of this chapter. The commission shall have no legislative power. The commission may employ and discharge managers, secretaries, agents, attorneys, and other employees or staff, and may engage the services of independent contractors, prescribe their duties, and fix their compensation. Each member of the board shall be compensated in accordance with RCW 43.03.240 and shall be reimbursed for travel expenses at the rates allowed state employees in accordance with RCW 43.03.050 and 43.03.060.
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