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Records of financial transactions to be kept by directorAudits.

The director and each of his or her designees shall keep or cause to be kept separately for each agreement and order in accordance with accepted standards of good accounting practice, accurate records of all assessments, collections, receipts, deposits, withdrawals, disbursements, paid outs, moneys, and other financial transactions made and done pursuant to such order or agreement, and the same shall be audited at least every five years subject to procedures and methods lawfully prescribed by the state auditor. The books and accounts maintained under every such agreement and order shall be closed as of the last day of each fiscal year of the state of Washington or of a fiscal year determined by the director. A copy of every such audit shall be delivered within thirty days after the completion thereof to the governor and the commodity board of the agreement or order concerned.


Severability1979 c 154: See note following RCW 15.49.330.
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