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Separate accounts for each agreement or orderDisbursements.

The director and each of his or her designees shall deposit or cause to be deposited all moneys which are collected or otherwise received by them pursuant to the provisions of this chapter in a separate account or accounts separately allocated to each marketing order or agreement under which such moneys are collected or received, and such deposits and accounts shall be in the name of and withdrawable by the check or draft of the administrator or board or designated employee thereof established by such order or agreement. All expenses and disbursements incurred and made pursuant to the provisions of any marketing agreement or order, including a pro rata share of the administrative expenses of the department of agriculture incurred in the general administration of this chapter and all orders and agreements issued pursuant thereto, shall be paid from, and only from, moneys collected and received pursuant to such order or agreement and all moneys deposited for the account of any order or agreement in the marketing act revolving fund shall be paid from said account of such fund by check, draft or voucher in such form and in such manner and upon the signature of such person as may be prescribed by the director or his or her designee.
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