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PDFWAC 434-262-120

Certification of general election returns by the secretary of state.

Pursuant to RCW 29A.60.250, upon completion of the canvass of each county's abstract of votes and no later than thirty days following a general election, the secretary of state shall certify to the governor, president of the senate, and speaker of the house of representatives the returns for all state ballot measures, federal and statewide offices, and those legislative and judicial offices whose jurisdiction encompasses more than one county. In the event the secretary of state is unable to certify all or part of a general election thirty days following that election because he or she has not received a copy of a county canvass report from one or more counties, or because there are discrepancies on a received report, he or she shall certify the state ballot measures and candidates for which completed abstracts have been received. The secretary of state shall also set forth, by letter to the governor, president of the senate, and speaker of the house of representatives those reasons which render him or her unable to certify the entire election. The certification of the remainder of the election shall take place when all outstanding county canvass reports have been received.
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