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Chapter 434-262 WAC

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(Formerly chapter 434-62 WAC)

WAC Sections

HTMLPDF434-262-013Crediting voters.
HTMLPDF434-262-015Canvassing board—Delegation of authority.
HTMLPDF434-262-016Canvassing board meetingEmergency procedure.
HTMLPDF434-262-017General election turnout for validation of bonds and levies.
HTMLPDF434-262-020Preliminary abstract of votes.
HTMLPDF434-262-025Canvassing board—Notice of open public meeting.
HTMLPDF434-262-030County auditor's abstract of votes.
HTMLPDF434-262-031Rejection of ballots or parts of ballots.
HTMLPDF434-262-032Provisional ballots—Disposition.
HTMLPDF434-262-036Canvassing procedure for ballot of a protected records voter.
HTMLPDF434-262-040Verification of auditor's abstract of votes.
HTMLPDF434-262-050Errors or discrepancies discovered during the verification of the auditor's abstract of votes.
HTMLPDF434-262-060Documentation of corrective action taken.
HTMLPDF434-262-070Official county canvass report.
HTMLPDF434-262-080Transmittal of county canvass report to the secretary of state.
HTMLPDF434-262-090Receipt of county canvass report by secretary of state.
HTMLPDF434-262-100Canvass of returns by the secretary of state—Powers and duties.
HTMLPDF434-262-105Audit of results of votes cast on direct recording electronic device.
HTMLPDF434-262-110Certification of primary returns by the secretary of state.
HTMLPDF434-262-120Certification of general election returns by the secretary of state.
HTMLPDF434-262-130Certification of special primaries and special elections.
HTMLPDF434-262-132Multicounty candidate races.
HTMLPDF434-262-133Election results for multicounty local ballot measures.
HTMLPDF434-262-160Write-in-voting—Voter intent.
HTMLPDF434-262-200Retention of records.
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