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PDFWAC 388-440-0001

Exceptions to rule.

(1) The secretary of the department, or designee, authorizes department staff to request an exception to a rule in the Washington Administrative Code (WAC) for individual cases when:
(a) The exception would not contradict a specific provision of federal law or state statute; and
(b) The client's situation differs from the majority; and
(c) It is in the interest of overall economy and the client's welfare; and either
(d) It increases opportunities for the client to function effectively; or
(e) A client has an impairment or limitation that significantly interferes with the usual procedures required to determine eligibility and payment and/or the client is at serious risk of institutionalization.
(2) The secretary or the secretary's designee makes the final decision on all requests for exceptions to a rule.
(3) Clients have no fair hearing rights as defined under chapter 388-02 WAC regarding exception to rule decisions by department staff.
(4) Clients who do not agree with a decision on an exception to rule may file a complaint according to chapter 388-426 WAC.
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