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PDFWAC 315-30-070

Retailer settlement.

(1) Each lottery retailer authorized to sell draw games shall establish an account for deposit of moneys derived from draw games with a financial institution that has the capability of electronic funds transfer (EFT). Funds generated from the sale of draw game tickets shall be held in trust by the retailer for the lottery.
(2) Each lottery retailer shall make a deposit to that account at least once each week. The amount deposited shall be sufficient to cover moneys due the lottery for that weekly accounting period. The lottery will withdraw by EFT the amount due the lottery on the day specified by the director. In the event the day specified for withdrawal falls on a legal holiday, withdrawal will be accomplished on the following business day.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 67.70.040 and 67.70.040 (1), (3). WSR 07-11-037, § 315-30-070, filed 5/8/07, effective 6/8/07. Statutory Authority: RCW 67.70.040. WSR 89-12-042 (Order 116), § 315-30-070, filed 6/1/89; WSR 86-01-060 (Order 83), § 315-30-070, filed 12/16/85; WSR 84-01-005 (Order 44), § 315-30-070, filed 12/8/83.]
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