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PDFWAC 315-30-060

Payment of prizes by lottery retailers.

(1) A lottery retailer authorized to sell draw games may pay to the ticket bearer prizes of $600.00 or less for any validated claims presented to that lottery retailer regardless of where the ticket was purchased. These prizes may be paid during all normal business hours of that lottery retailer, provided, the draw game system is operational and claims can be validated. The lottery retailer shall not charge the claimant any fee for payment of the prize or for cashing a business check drawn on the lottery retailer's account.
(2) A lottery retailer may pay prizes in cash or by business check, certified check, or money order. A lottery retailer that pays a prize with a check which is dishonored may be subject to suspension or revocation of its license, pursuant to WAC 315-04-200.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 67.70.040 and 67.70.040 (1), (3). WSR 07-11-037, § 315-30-060, filed 5/8/07, effective 6/8/07. Statutory Authority: RCW 67.70.040. WSR 86-01-060 (Order 83), § 315-30-060, filed 12/16/85; WSR 85-09-004 (Order 72), § 315-30-060, filed 4/5/85; WSR 84-01-005 (Order 44), § 315-30-060, filed 12/8/83.]
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