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PDFWAC 296-307-030

Required elements of an accident prevention program.

(1) The employer must instruct all employees in safe working practices at the beginning of employment. Instruction must be tailored to the types of hazards to which employees are exposed.
(2) The employer must develop a written accident prevention program tailored to the needs of the employer's agricultural operation and to the types of hazards involved.
(3) The employer's accident prevention program must contain at least the following elements:
(a) How, when, and where to report injuries and illnesses, and the location of first-aid facilities.
(b) How to report unsafe conditions and practices.
(c) The use and care of personal protective equipment.
(d) What to do in emergencies. See WAC 296-307-35015 for emergency action plan requirements.
(e) Identification of hazardous chemicals or materials and the instruction for their safe use.
(f) An on-the-job review of the practices necessary to perform job assignments in a safe and healthful manner.
(4) At least once a month, the employer must conduct a walk-around safety inspection of active job sites, the materials and equipment involved, and operating procedures. A representative chosen by employees must be invited and allowed to accompany the employer.
Additional requirements in Part G-1, WAC 296-307-097, Outdoor heat exposure, may apply. Employers may address their outdoor heat exposure safety program either in their written accident prevention program (APP) or as a stand-alone written document. See Part G-1.
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