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PDFWAC 260-48-710

Participation in common pools as guest.

(1) With the prior approval of the commission, parimutuel-wagering pools may be combined with corresponding wagering pools in the host jurisdiction, or with corresponding pools established by one or more other jurisdictions.
(2) Rules established in the jurisdiction of the host association designated for a parimutuel pool will apply.
(3) The guest association and all authorized receivers will conduct parimutuel wagering pursuant to the applicable jurisdiction rules.
(4) Class 1 racing associations which import simulcast races and propose to offer types of wagers other than those currently defined in chapter 260-48 WAC, will submit to the commission a copy of the host jurisdiction's rule governing the wager.
(5) If, after the close of wagering, a guest racetrack's wagers cannot be successfully merged in the common pool via data circuit or manual merge, the mutuel manager will:
(a) Refund the pools not successfully merged after announcing to the public that the pools were not merged successfully and the pools will be refunded; or
(b) Pay the winning wagers based on the prices established at the host racetrack.
The mutuel manager will report the failure to merge any common pool to the board of stewards or the executive secretary if the failure to merge any common pool occurs during nonlive racing. The report must be filed no later than the day after the date the common pool failed to merge.
In the event the host association has offered a wager not covered by chapter 260-48 WAC, the Association of Racing Commissioners International model rules regarding such wager will govern. Information regarding this emergency procedure will be posted throughout the class 1 racing association facility and published in its racing program.
(6) An authorized class 1 racing association when acting as a guest association will provide:
(a) Parimutuel terminals and odds displays, modems and equipment enabling parimutuel data transmissions, and data communications between the host and guest associations.
(b) Adequate transmitting and receiving equipment of acceptable broadcast quality, which will not interfere with the closed circuit TV system of the host association for providing any host facility patron information.
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