Chapter 260-48 WAC

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WAC Sections

260-48-500General provisions.
260-48-520Parimutuel tickets.
260-48-530Parimutuel ticket sales.
260-48-550Claims for payment from parimutuel pool.
260-48-560Payment for errors.
260-48-570Betting explanation.
260-48-580Display of betting information.
260-48-590Cancelled races.
260-48-610Mutuel field.
260-48-620Pools dependent upon betting interests.
260-48-625Prior approval required for betting pools.
260-48-630Closing of wagering in a race.
260-48-640Complaints pertaining to parimutuel operations.
260-48-650Licensed employees.
260-48-660Emergency situations.
260-48-670Limit payoffs.
260-48-680Parimutuel vouchers.
260-48-690Other stored value instruments and systems.
260-48-700Common pool wagering.
260-48-710Participation in common pools as guest.
260-48-720Participation in common pools as host.
260-48-800Parimutuel wagering pools.
260-48-810Win pools.
260-48-820Place pools.
260-48-830Show pools.
260-48-840Double pools.
260-48-850Pick three.
260-48-860Quinella pools.
260-48-870Exacta pools.
260-48-890Trifecta pools.
260-48-900Twin trifecta pools.
260-48-910Superfecta pools.
260-48-915Quinfecta pools with carryover.
260-48-920Pick (n) pools.
260-48-925Group bet wagering.
260-48-930Future wager pool.
260-48-935Choose (n) pools.
260-48-940Head-to-head wagering.
260-48-945123racing pick (n) wager pools.
260-48-960Handicapping contests.
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