Chapter 173-308 WAC

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WAC Sections

173-308-005Explanation for the use of the terms "sewage sludge," "biosolids," and "septage."
173-308-010Authority and purpose.
173-308-030Relationship to other laws, regulations, and ordinances.
173-308-040Direct enforceability.
173-308-050Delegation of authority.
173-308-060Biosolids not classified as solid waste.
173-308-090Requirement for a person who prepares biosolids or sewage sludge.
173-308-100Requirement for a person who transports biosolids or sewage sludge.
173-308-110Requirement for a person who applies biosolids.
173-308-120Requirement to obtain and provide information.
173-308-130Requirements for treatment works located outside of the jurisdiction of the department.
173-308-140Biosolids sampling and analytical methods.
173-308-150Frequency of biosolids monitoring.
173-308-160Biosolids pollutant limits.
173-308-170Pathogen reduction.
173-308-180Vector attraction reduction.
173-308-190Protecting waters of the state—Agronomic rate requirement.
173-308-191Protection of endangered or threatened species.
173-308-192Exemptions for research.
173-308-193Management and exemptions for septage from composting toilets.
173-308-200Exemptions based on the exceptional quality of biosolids.
173-308-205Significantly remove manufactured inerts.
173-308-210Bulk biosolids applied to agricultural land, forest land, a public contact site, or a land reclamation site.
173-308-250Bulk biosolids applied to a lawn or home garden.
173-308-260Biosolids sold or given away in a bag or other container.
173-308-270Septage applied to the land.
173-308-275Contents of signs for land application sites.
173-308-280Requirements for facilities storing biosolids or sewage sludge.
173-308-295Annual reports.
173-308-300Disposal of sewage sludge in municipal solid waste landfill units and use of biosolids in municipal solid waste landfill operations.
173-308-320Permit fees.
173-308-900Appendix A—Procedure to determine the annual whole biosolids application rate.
173-308-90001Appendix 1—Minimum content for a permit application.
173-308-90002Appendix 2—Minimum content for a notice of intent to be covered under a general permit.
173-308-90003Appendix 3—Minimum content for a site specific land application plan.
173-308-90004Appendix 4—Minimum content for a general land application plan.
173-308-90005Appendix 5—Procedures for issuing general permits.
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