Chapter 9.91 RCW



HTMLPDF 9.91.010Denial of civil rightsTerms defined.
HTMLPDF 9.91.020Operating railroad, steamboat, vehicle, etc., while intoxicated.
HTMLPDF 9.91.025Unlawful transit conduct.
HTMLPDF 9.91.060Leaving children unattended in parked automobile.
HTMLPDF 9.91.130Disposal of trash in charity donation receptacle.
HTMLPDF 9.91.140Food stampsUnlawful sale.
HTMLPDF 9.91.142Food stampsTrafficking.
HTMLPDF 9.91.144Food stampsUnlawful redemption.
HTMLPDF 9.91.150Tree spiking.
HTMLPDF 9.91.155Tree spikingAction for damages.
HTMLPDF 9.91.160Personal protection spray devices.
HTMLPDF 9.91.170Interfering with dog guide or service animal.
HTMLPDF 9.91.175Interfering with search and rescue dog.


Accountancy practice laws, penalty: RCW 18.04.370.
Aeronautics laws and rules, penalty: RCW 47.68.240.
agricultural enabling act, penalties: RCW 15.66.210.
apple advertising laws and rules, penalty: RCW 15.24.200.
farm labor contractors, violations, penalty: RCW 19.30.150.
fertilizers, minerals, and limes, penalty: RCW 15.54.470.
honey, penalty for violation of law regulating: RCW 69.28.180, 69.28.185.
horticultural plants and certification act, prohibited acts: Chapter 15.13 RCW.
marketing act, penalties: RCW 15.66.210.
peaches, standards of grades and packs, inspections, penalty for violations: RCW 15.17.290.
soft tree fruits, penalty: RCW 15.28.270.
standards of grades and packs, penalties: Chapter 15.17 RCW.
Aircraft and airman licensing violations: RCW 14.16.060.
Airport zoning violations: RCW 14.12.210.
Alcoholic beverages, violations and penalties: Chapter 66.44 RCW.
All-terrain vehicles
additional violations, penalty: RCW 46.09.480.
operating violations, penalty: RCW 46.09.470, 46.09.490.
Ambulances and drivers, first aid requirements, penalty: RCW 70.54.060, 70.54.065.
Animals: Title 16 RCW.
Antitrust, consumer protection: Chapter 19.86 RCW.
Architects licensing laws, penalty: RCW 18.08.460.
Assisted living facilities' licensing act, violations of: Chapter 18.20 RCW.
Auctioneering, county licensing laws, penalty: RCW 36.71.070.
Ballots (see also Elections)
counterfeiting or unlawful possession, penalty: RCW 29A.84.540.
divulging ballot count, penalty: RCW 29A.84.730.
tampering with, penalty: RCW 29A.84.420.
unlawful printing or distribution of official ballots, penalty: RCW 29A.84.410.
Banks and trust companies
advertising legal services, penalty: RCW 30A.04.260.
certification of checks, penalty for violation of regulations: RCW 30A.16.010.
commission, etc., to officer or employee to procure loan prohibited, penalty: RCW 30A.12.110.
companies, commingling trust property, penalty: RCW 30A.04.240.
examinations, penalty for falsification: RCW 30A.04.060.
false entries or statements, penalty: RCW 30A.12.090.
general penalties for violation of laws concerning: RCW 30A.12.190.
general penalty for violation of rules and regulations: RCW 30A.04.050.
holding companies regulations, penalty: RCW 30A.04.230.
loans from trust funds prohibited, penalty: RCW 30A.12.120.
preferential transfers in contemplation of insolvency, penalty: RCW 30A.44.110.
receiving deposits when insolvent prohibited, penalty: RCW 30A.44.120.
records, destroying or secreting, penalty: RCW 30A.12.100.
unlawful use of words indicating, penalty: RCW 30A.04.020.
Barbering licensing regulations, penalty: RCW 18.16.210.
minors, penalty for violations concerning: RCW 67.04.150.
penalties for bribery or fraud concerning: RCW 67.04.010, 67.04.020, 67.04.050.
Beauty culture licensing laws, penalty: RCW 18.16.210.
Bicycles, bicycle paths, operation of vehicles on prohibited: RCW 35.75.020.
Birthing centers licensing, penalty for unlicensed operation: RCW 18.46.120.
Blind made products, false advertising: RCW 19.06.030, 19.06.040.
Bodies (see Human remains)
Boilers or unfired pressure vessels, inspection certificate required, penalty: RCW 70.79.320.
Bonds issued by state, etc., fraud of engraver, penalty: RCW 39.44.101.
Boxing, wrestling, and martial arts, penalties for violations of provisions relating to: RCW 67.08.130, 67.08.140, 67.08.150.
Brands and marks on animals, obliteration, etc., penalty: RCW 16.57.120, 16.57.320, 16.57.360.
Building permit, issuance to person not complying with industrial insurance payroll estimate requirement: RCW 51.12.070.
Buildings, public
doors, safety requirements, penalty: RCW 70.54.070.
earthquake standards for construction, penalty: RCW 70.86.040.
Capitol grounds traffic regulations, penalty for violations: RCW 46.08.170.
Caustic poisons act, penalty for violation: RCW 69.36.060.
embalmers and funeral director laws, penalty: RCW 18.39.220.
endowment care cemeteries, penalties: RCW 68.40.085, 68.40.090.
establishment in violation of laws regulating, penalty: RCW 68.56.040.
mausoleums and columbariums, penalty for violation of construction laws: RCW 68.28.060.
property, penalties for violations concerning: RCW 68.24.130, 68.24.140, 68.24.150, 68.24.190, 68.56.010.
Charitable trusts, penalty for violations: RCW 11.110.140.
Children (see Minors)
Chiropractic licensing laws, penalty: RCW 18.25.090.
Cities and towns
budgets in cities over 300,000, penalty for violation of regulations: RCW 35.32A.090.
cities of the first class, powers to prescribe crimes by ordinance: RCW 35.22.280.
cities of the second class, powers to prescribe penalties for violation of ordinances: RCW 35.23.440.
city firefighters, city police, civil service provisions, penalty for violations: RCW 41.08.210.
commission form, free services to officers and employees prohibited, penalty: RCW 35.17.150.
operation of vehicles, etc., on bicycle paths prohibited, penalty: RCW 35.75.020.
pollution of water supply, penalty: RCW 35.88.040.
towns, power to prescribe penalties for violation of ordinances: RCW 35.27.370.
unclassified cities, powers to prescribe penalties for violation of ordinances: RCW 35.30.010.
Civil defense, enforcement of orders, rules, and regulations, penalty: RCW 38.52.150.
Civil service for sheriff's office employees, penalty: RCW 41.14.220.
Collection agency and out-of-state collection agency laws, penalty: RCW 19.16.430, 19.16.450.
interfering by force or violence with any administrator, faculty member or student unlawfulPenalty: RCW 28B.10.570, 28B.10.572.
intimidating any administrator, faculty member or student by threat of force or violence unlawfulPenalty: RCW 28B.10.571 and 28B.10.572.
Commercial feed law, crimes against: Chapter 15.53 RCW.
Commercial sprayers and dusters, violations, penalty: Chapter 17.21 RCW.
Commission merchants, violations, penalty: RCW 20.01.460.
Consumer protection, crimes and penalties relating to: Chapter 19.86 RCW.
Control of pet animals infested with diseases communicable to humans, violation, penalty: RCW 16.70.050.
Controlled atmosphere storage, penalty: RCW 15.30.250.
Controlled substances: Chapter 69.50 RCW.
Cosmetology laws, penalty: RCW 18.16.210.
budget laws, penalty for violation: RCW 36.40.240.
building codes and fire regulations, penalty for violation: RCW 36.43.040.
dog license tax violation, penalty: RCW 36.49.070.
garbage disposal regulations, penalty for violations: RCW 36.58.020.
hawkers and auctioneers, penalty for selling without license: RCW 36.71.060.
officers failing to pay over fees, penalty: RCW 36.18.170.
officers taking illegal fees, penalty: RCW 36.18.160.
parks, playgrounds, or other recreational facilities, violation of rules and regulations adopted by county commissioners, penalty: RCW 36.68.080.
roads and bridges
general penalty for violation of provisions concerning: RCW 36.75.290.
use of oil or other material restricted, penalty: RCW 36.86.060.
trading stamp licenses, penalty: RCW 19.83.050.
violation of regulations for taking of census for classification of counties: RCW 36.13.070.
Credit unions: Chapter 31.12 RCW.
Cruelty to animals, penalties: Chapter 16.52 RCW.
Dental hygienist licensing laws, penalties: RCW 18.29.100.
Dentistry practice laws, penalties: RCW 18.32.390, 18.32.675, 18.32.735, 18.32.745, 18.32.755.
Diking and drainage improvement districts, damaging improvements, penalty: RCW 85.08.690.
Discrimination, interference with human rights commission, penalty: RCW 49.60.310.
Diseased domestic animals, quarantine, penalty: RCW 16.36.110.
Diseases, dangerous, contagious, or infectious, penalty for violations concerning control of: RCW 70.05.120, 70.24.080, 70.54.050.
Disposal of dead animals, violations, penalty: RCW 16.68.180.
Dog law: Chapter 16.08 RCW.
Doors of buildings used by public, safety requirements, penalty: RCW 70.54.070.
Drugs: Chapters 69.41, 69.50 RCW.
Earthquake standards for construction for public buildings, penalty: RCW 70.86.040.
bribery or coercion of voters, penalty: RCW 29A.84.620.
canvassing of votes law, penalty for violations: RCW 29A.60.200.
counterfeiting or unlawful possession of ballots, penalty: RCW 29A.84.540.
destroying or defacing election supplies and notices, etc., penalty: RCW 29A.84.550.
divulging ballot count, penalty: RCW 29A.84.730.
exit polling: RCW 29A.84.510.
general penalty for violations: Chapter 29A.84 RCW.
influencing voters to vote or not to vote by unlawful means, penalty: RCW 29A.84.630.
initiative and referendum law, penalties for violations: RCW 29A.84.230, 29A.84.210, 29A.84.250.
officer tampering with ballots, penalty: RCW 29A.84.420.
printing or distributing official ballots unlawfully, penalty: RCW 29A.84.410.
recall petition law, penalties for violations: RCW 29A.84.240, 29A.84.020, 29A.84.220.
registration law violations, penalties: RCW 29A.84.110, 29A.84.130.
repeating or voting twice, penalties concerning: RCW 29A.84.650, 29A.84.655.
solicitation of bribe by voter in primary election, penalty: RCW 29A.84.640.
unqualified voter voting, penalty: RCW 29A.84.660.
violations by officers generally, penalty: RCW 29A.84.720.
voting by mail law, penalty for violations: RCW 29A.84.680.
voting machines, penalty for tampering with: RCW 29A.84.560.
Electrical construction, penalty: RCW 19.29.060.
Electricians and electrical installation laws, schedule of penaltiesAppeal: RCW 19.28.131.
Embalmer and funeral director laws, penalty: RCW 18.39.220.
Endowment care cemeteries, penalties for violations of laws: RCW 68.40.085, 68.40.090.
Engineer and land surveyor laws, penalty: RCW 18.43.120.
Escrow agent, unlicensed: RCW 18.44.171.
Explosives and devices regulated, penalties: Chapter 70.74 RCW.
Facsimile signatures and seals, fraud in use of: RCW 39.62.040.
Family abandonment, penalty: RCW 26.20.030.
Family nonsupport, penalty: RCW 26.20.035.
Farm labor contractors regulations, penalty: RCW 19.30.150.
Filing false or forged instruments, penalty: RCW 40.16.030.
Fire department vehicles and firefighters' private cars lighting and identification, penalty: RCW 46.37.188.
Fire protection districts, burning permits, penalty for violation: RCW 52.12.101, 52.12.105.
Firearms in vehicle, penalty: RCW 77.15.460.
Fires, actions for spreading and kindling: RCW 4.24.040, 4.24.050.
Firewood on state lands, permit required to remove, penalty: RCW 79.15.440.
laws or rules, penalty: RCW 70.77.540.
unlawful acts relating to: Chapter 70.77 RCW.
Fish, shellfish, and wildlife
false or misleading information and reports, penalty: RCW 77.15.270.
trafficking in, prohibited: RCW 77.15.260.
Flood control districts, interest in contracts, penalty: RCW 86.09.286.
Food and beverage workers' permit required, penalty: RCW 69.06.060.
Food, drugs, and cosmetics, penalties for violations of act: RCW 69.04.040, 69.04.060, 69.04.070.
Food fish and shellfish
fish guards required on diversion devices, penalties, remedies for failure: RCW 77.57.010.
fishways required over dams, etc., penalties: RCW 77.57.030.
hatchery or cultural facility to be provided if fishways impractical, penalty: RCW 77.57.050.
required licensesExemption: RCW 77.65.010.
Forcible entry and detainer, penalty: RCW 59.12.230.
Forest products, false or forged brands, etc., penalties: RCW 76.36.110, 76.36.120.
Forest protection: Chapter 76.04 RCW.
Gambling, civil action: RCW 4.24.070.
Game and game fish, unlawful acts: Chapter 77.50 RCW.
Gas or stink bombs, etc., prohibited, penalty: RCW 70.74.310.
Girls' training school (see Maple Lane School)
Grain and terminal warehouses, commodity inspections, laws and regulations, penalties for violations: RCW 22.09.310, 22.09.770, 22.09.890.
Healing professions, rebating: RCW 19.68.010.
Health care services, prohibited acts: Chapter 48.44 RCW.
closure violations, penalty: RCW 47.48.040.
county or city road funds, illegal use of, penalty: RCW 47.08.110.
limited access facilities, violations concerning, penalty: RCW 47.52.120.
littering with glass, debris, etc., penalty, removal: RCW 46.61.645.
permitting escape of load from vehicle: RCW 46.61.655.
pipe lines, etc., across or on highways, penalties for construction without franchise or permit: RCW 47.44.060.
removal of native flora, etc., penalty: RCW 47.40.080.
traffic control devices violations: Chapter 47.36 RCW.
traffic signs, etc., penalty for defacing, etc.: RCW 46.61.080.
Highways and toll bridges, general penalty for violations of title: RCW 47.04.090.
penalty for violation of law regulating: RCW 69.28.180.
prohibited acts: RCW 69.28.080, 69.28.090.
Horse racing, penalty for violations of laws and regulations: RCW 67.16.060.
Hospital licensing required, penalty: RCW 70.41.170.
fraud in obtaining accommodations, etc., penalty: RCW 19.48.110.
sanitation and safety requirements, penalty: RCW 70.62.280.
Human remains, penalties for violations concerning: RCW 68.64.150, 68.64.160.
Individuals with mental illness, private establishments for, licensing violations: RCW 71.12.460.
Industrial insurance, attorney's fees: RCW 51.52.120, 51.52.132.
Initiative and referendum laws, penalties: RCW 29A.84.230, 29A.84.210, 29A.84.250.
Insane (see Individuals with mental illness)
Insect pest control rules, violations: RCW 17.24.100.
Insurance code
destruction or injury of property to defraud or prejudice the insurer, penalty: RCW 48.30.220.
domestic insurers
corrupt practices as to votes relative to shareholders meetings, etc., penalty: RCW 48.07.060.
illegal dividends or reductions, penalty: RCW 48.08.040.
impairment of capital, penalty: RCW 48.08.050.
penalty for exhibiting false account, etc.: RCW 48.06.190.
solicitation permit required, penalty: RCW 48.06.030.
false claims or proof, etc., penalty: RCW 48.30.230.
fraud and unfair practices violations: Chapter 48.30 RCW.
general penalty for violations: RCW 48.01.080.
health care services, penalty for violation: RCW 48.44.060.
illegal dealing in premiums, penalty: RCW 48.30.190.
insurance producers, title insurance agents, and adjusters, license required: RCW 48.17.060.
insurance producers, title insurance agents, and adjusters, reporting and accounting premiums, penalty: RCW 48.17.480.
misrepresentation in application for insurance, penalty: RCW 48.30.210.
mutual insurers, impairment of surplus, penalty: RCW 48.09.340.
political contributions, penalty: RCW 48.30.110.
premiums to be specified in the policy, penalty for violation: RCW 48.18.180.
Insurance, destruction, secretion, abandonment, etc., of property: RCW 48.30.220.
Intoxicating liquor (see Liquor control)
Ionizing radiation, prohibited acts: Chapter 70A.388 RCW.
Irrigation and rehabilitation districts, violation of rules: RCW 87.84.090.
Judges or justices, addressing persons in unfit, etc., language, penalty: RCW 42.20.110.
Labor and industries
disobeying subpoena to appear before officer, penalty: RCW 43.22.300.
hotel inspections, penalty for falsifying or hindering, etc.: RCW 70.62.280.
misuse of reports of employers, penalty: RCW 43.22.290.
refusal of entry to factory, etc., penalty: RCW 43.22.310.
Labor disputes, obtaining out-of-state personnel for certain purposes: RCW 49.44.100.
Labor laws
blacklisting prohibited, penalty: RCW 49.44.010.
bribery of labor representative, penalties: RCW 49.44.020, 49.44.030.
female and child labor, penalties for violations: RCW 26.28.070, 49.58.020.
hours of labor, penalties for violations: Chapter 49.28 RCW.
minimum wage and hours act violations, penalty: RCW 49.46.100.
obtaining labor by false recommendation, penalty: RCW 49.44.040.
prohibited practices, penalties for violations: Chapter 49.44 RCW.
prosecution, etc., for forming or joining labor union, etc., prohibited: RCW 49.36.030.
seasonal labor, fraud by employees to secure advances, penalty: RCW 49.40.030.
underground workers safety and health, penalties: RCW 49.24.060, 49.24.380.
wage payment and collection, penalties for violations: RCW 49.48.020, 49.48.040, 49.48.060, 49.52.050, 49.52.090.
Legislative hearings, failure of subpoenaed witness to attend or testify, etc., penalties: RCW 44.16.120 through 44.16.150.
Lie detector and similar tests as condition of employmentPenalty: RCW 49.44.120.
Limited access facilities (see Highways)
Liquor control
consumption or serving in clubs, penalty: RCW 66.24.481.
penalties for violations of laws or regulations: Chapter 66.44 RCW.
purchase, attempt, by minor: RCW 66.44.280 through 66.44.292.
transfer of identification card prohibited, penalties: RCW 66.20.200.
Littering, depositing glass, debris, etc., on highways, beaches, waters, penalty, removal: RCW 46.61.645.
LivestockRemoval from common range, duty, penalty: RCW 16.24.230.
Logs, transporting without county log tolerance permit: RCW 46.44.047.
Maple Lane School, unauthorized entrance to grounds or enticing girls away, etc., penalty: RCW 72.20.065.
Marine biological preserve, penalty for violation: RCW 28B.20.320.
certificates, penalty for failure to record: RCW 26.04.110.
license requirements, penalty for violations: RCW 26.04.200, 26.04.210, 26.04.240.
Mausoleums and columbariums, penalty for violation of laws concerning construction of: RCW 68.28.060.
Military affairs offenses defined, penalties: Chapter 38.32 RCW, RCW 38.40.040, 38.40.050, 38.40.110, 38.40.120.
Milk and milk products used for animal food, prohibited acts: Chapter 15.37 RCW.
Mining leases and contracts, disclosure of information obtained through state's right of entry: RCW 79.14.440.
child labor prohibited, penalty: RCW 26.28.070 (see also Labor laws).
enforcement of support for: RCW 74.20.060.
firearms: RCW 9.41.040, 9.41.042, 9.41.240.
juvenile offenders: Chapter 13.04 RCW.
procuring or possessing tobacco, penalties: RCW 26.28.080, 70.155.080.
Motor vehicles: RCW 46.63.020.
Municipal corporations
approving or paying false claim against: RCW 42.24.110.
making false claim against: RCW 42.24.100.
Municipal officers, violation of code of ethics, penalty: RCW 42.23.050.
Mutual savings banks
concealing or destroying evidence, penalty: RCW 32.04.110.
falsification of books, etc., penalty: RCW 32.04.100.
general penalty when penalty not specifically provided: RCW 32.04.130.
specific penalties of RCW 9.24.030, 9.24.040, and 9.24.050 invoked: RCW 32.04.120.
transfer of property or assets due to insolvency or in contemplation of insolvency, penalty for violation of regulation: RCW 32.24.080.
Narcotic drugs: Chapter 69.50 RCW.
Native flora on state lands or on land adjoining highways and parks, penalty for removal, etc.: RCW 47.40.080.
Pilotage Act: RCW 88.16.120, 88.16.130, 88.16.150.
violations generally: Chapter 88.08 RCW.
Nuisances, civil remedies: Chapter 7.48 RCW.
Nursing homes, penalty for unlicensed operation: RCW 18.51.150.
Occupational motor vehicle operators' licenses, violation of restrictions: RCW 46.20.410.
Offering false or forged instruments for filing: RCW 40.16.030.
Oil and gas conservation, general penalty for violations of laws or regulations: RCW 78.52.550.
Optometry laws, penalty for violations: RCW 18.53.150.
Osteopathy violations, penalties: RCW 18.57.160.
Parks and recreation, violations in parks specified, penalty: RCW 79A.05.165.
Party line telephones, refusal to yield in emergency, penalty: RCW 70.85.020, 70.85.030.
Patent medicine peddlers licensing, penalty for unlicensed sales: RCW 18.64.047.
Pawnbrokers and secondhand dealers laws, penalties: RCW 19.60.066.
Peaches, standards, inspection, penalty for violations: RCW 15.17.290.
Peddlers, penalty for selling without license: RCW 36.71.060.
Persons infected with disease, exposure to others, penalty: RCW 70.54.050.
Pesticides, prohibited acts: Chapter 15.58 RCW.
Pharmacy licensing laws and regulations, penalties: RCW 18.64.140, 18.64.250.
Physical therapy practice regulations, penalties: RCW 18.74.090.
Podiatric medicine and surgery, general penalty: RCW 18.22.220.
Poisons: Chapters 69.36, 69.40 RCW.
Pollution of water (see Water pollution)
Pool tables or billiard tables or bowling alley for hire, license required, penalty: RCW 67.14.060.
Port district regulations adopted by city or county, violations, penalty: RCW 53.08.220.
Port districts, violations of rules relating to toll tunnels and bridges, penalty: RCW 53.34.190.
Psychologists licensing and practice law, violations, penalty: RCW 18.83.180.
Public assistance
falsification of application, etc., penalty: RCW 74.08.055.
fraudulent practices: RCW 74.08.331.
records to be confidential, etc., penalty: RCW 74.04.060.
Public libraries, penalties for injuring property or retaining books: RCW 27.12.330, 27.12.340.
Public officers, misconduct, penalties: Chapter 42.20 RCW.
Public records, etc., crimes concerning, penalties: Chapter 40.16 RCW.
Public service companies
auto and transport companies, penalty for violation: RCW 81.68.080.
motor freight carriers, penalties for violations: RCW 81.80.230, 81.80.355.
passengers for hire, failure to file bond or insurance policy, penalty: RCW 46.72.100.
employee requirements, penalties for violations: Chapter 81.40 RCW.
equipment, penalties for violations: RCW 81.44.085.
operating requirements, penalties for violations: RCW 81.48.020, 81.48.060.
property damaged, sabotaged or stolen, penalties: RCW 81.60.070, 81.60.080.
rights-of-way and crossings, etc., penalties: RCW 81.53.210, 81.54.030.
regulatory fees, penalty: RCW 81.24.080.
securities, penalty: RCW 81.08.120.
street railways, penalties for violations: RCW 81.64.130, 81.64.150.
transfers of property, penalty: RCW 81.12.060.
violations of laws and regulations, general penalties: RCW 81.04.380, 81.04.390.
Public utilities
regulatory fees, penalty: RCW 80.24.050.
transfers of property, penalty: RCW 80.12.060.
violations of laws and regulations, general penalties: RCW 80.04.380, 80.04.390.
Public works, falsification of records, etc., penalty: RCW 39.04.110, 39.12.050.
Real estate
brokers and salesperson laws, penalty: RCW 18.85.411.
mortgages, removal of property from mortgaged premises, penalty: RCW 61.12.030.
Rebating, etc., by practitioners of healing professions, penalty: RCW 19.68.010.
Recall petition laws, penalties: RCW 29A.84.240, 29A.84.020, 29A.84.220.
Recreational devices, inspection of, penalty: RCW 79A.40.020, 79A.40.040.
Referendum and initiative laws, penalties: RCW 29A.84.230, 29A.84.210, 29A.84.250.
Revised Uniform Unclaimed Property Act, penalties for violations: RCW 63.30.690.
Rules of the road: Chapter 46.61 RCW.
Savings and loan associations
advertising as without license: RCW 33.08.010.
concealing facts or destroying evidence, etc., penalty: RCW 33.36.060.
false statements concerning financial standings, penalty: RCW 33.36.050.
falsification of books, etc., penalty: RCW 33.36.040.
making prohibited loans or investments, penalty: RCW 33.36.010.
preferential transfer of property due to insolvency, penalty: RCW 33.36.030.
purchase at discount prohibited to officers, etc., penalty: RCW 33.36.020.
compulsory attendance, penalties: RCW 28A.225.090.
disclosing examination questions, penalty: RCW 28A.635.040.
disturbing meetings, penalty: RCW 28A.635.030.
failure to deliver books, etc., to successor, penalty: RCW 28A.635.070.
grafting by school officials, penalty: RCW 28A.635.050.
interfering by force or violence with any administrator, faculty member, or student unlawfulPenalty: RCW 28B.10.570, 28B.10.572.
intimidating any administrator, faculty member or student by threat of force or violence unlawfulPenalty: RCW 28B.10.571 and 28B.10.572.
Securities act violations, penalty: RCW 21.20.400 through 21.20.420.
Sexual psychopaths: Chapter 71.06 RCW.
Sexually transmitted diseases, penalty for violation of control of: RCW 70.24.080.
Shellfish, sanitary control, penalties for violation of law regulating: RCW 69.30.140.
Sheriff's office employees, civil service for, penalty: RCW 41.14.220.
Ski lifts and other recreational conveyances: RCW 79A.40.040.
Snowmobile act
additional violationsPenalty: RCW 46.10.495.
operating violations, general penalty: RCW 46.10.490, 46.10.500.
Solid waste collection, unlawful acts: Chapter 81.77 RCW.
Sporting contest, fraud, penalty: RCW 67.24.010.
State bonds, fraud by engraver: RCW 39.44.101.
State employees' retirement, falsification of statements, etc., penalty: RCW 41.40.055.
State lands
firewood removal, permit required, penalty: RCW 79.15.440.
removing flora, etc., penalty: RCW 47.40.080.
trespass, etc.: Chapter 79.02 RCW.
State treasurer, penalty for embezzlement: RCW 43.08.140.
Steam boilers, safety requirements, penalty: RCW 70.54.080.
Stink or gas bombs prohibited, penalty: RCW 70.74.310.
Support of dependent childrenAlternative method1971 act: Chapter 74.20A RCW.
Swimming pools, violation of health laws and regulations: RCW 70.90.205.
cigarette tax, penalties: RCW 82.24.100, 82.24.110.
general penalties: RCW 82.32.290.
personal property, disclosure of information unlawful: RCW 84.40.340.
property taxes
listing of property: RCW 84.40.120.
removal of property to avoid collection of, penalties: RCW 84.56.120, 84.56.200.
retail sales tax, penalties: RCW 82.08.050, 82.08.120.
use tax, penalty: RCW 82.12.040.
abuse of a misdemeanor: RCW 28A.635.010.
retirement, falsification of statements, etc., penalty: RCW 41.32.055.
Telephones, party line, refusal to yield in emergency, penalty: RCW 70.85.020, 70.85.030.
Television reception improvement districts, penalty for false statement as to tax exemption: RCW 36.95.190.
pneumatic, passenger car, selling or offering for sale if under prescribed standards, penalty: RCW 46.37.423.
regrooved, selling or offering for sale if under prescribed standards, penalty: RCW 46.37.424.
selling or operating vehicle with tires not meeting standards of state patrol, penalty: RCW 46.37.425.
Tobacco, etc., minors procuring or possessing, penalties: RCW 26.28.080, 70.155.080.
Toll facilities, operation of motor vehicle on, prohibited acts: RCW 46.61.690.
Trading stamps and premiums, penalty for violations: RCW 19.84.040.
Unemployment compensation, penalties for violations: Chapter 50.36 RCW.
Use of lists of registered voters, violations relating to, penalty: RCW 29A.08.720.
Veterinarian laws and rules, penalty: RCW 18.92.230, 18.92.240.
Vital statistics requirements, penalty for violation: RCW 70.58A.590.
Vouchers, public, false certification, penalty: RCW 42.24.100.
Wages (see Labor laws)
Warehouses, grain and terminal, commodity inspections, penalties for violation: RCW 22.09.310, 22.09.340, 22.09.890.
Warehousing deposits, general penalties: Chapter 22.32 RCW.
Washington Caustic Poison Act of 1929: Chapter 69.36 RCW.
Washington Criminal Code: Title 9A RCW.
Washington fresh fruit sales limitation act, violations: RCW 15.21.060.
Washington state patrol retirement fund, falsification of records, etc., to defraud, penalty: RCW 43.43.320.
Water pollution
control, penalty for violations: RCW 90.48.140.
drinking water pollution, etc.: Chapter 70.54 RCW.
pollution of water supply in cities and towns, penalty: RCW 35.88.040.
Weed districts, prevention of agent's right of entry, penalty: RCW 17.04.280.
Weights and measures law and rules, penalties for violations: RCW 19.94.490 through 19.94.510.
Wills, failing to deliver, penalty: RCW 11.20.010.
Workers' compensation, penalties for violations of regulations concerning: Chapter 51.48 RCW, RCW 51.16.140.
X-rays, use in shoe fitting prohibited: RCW 70A.388.190.