Chapter 49.44 RCW


Bribery of labor representative.
Labor representative receiving bribe.
Obtaining employment by false letter or certificate.
Fraud by employment agent.
Corrupt influencing of agent.
Endangering life by refusal to labor.
Unfair practices in employment because of age of employee or applicantExceptions.
Bringing in out-of-state persons to replace employees involved in labor disputePenalty.
Requiring lie detector testsPenalty.
Requiring lie detector testsCivil penalty and damagesAttorneys' fees.
Requiring assignment of employee's rights to inventionsConditions.
Requiring assignment of employee's rights to inventionsDisclosure of inventions by employee.
Public employersIntent.
Public employersUnfair practicesDefinitionsRemedies.
Genetic screening.
Noncompetition agreements for broadcasting industry employeesRestrictionsTrade secrets protected.
Personal social networking accountsRestrictions on employer accessDefinitions.
Violations of RCW 49.44.200Civil actionRemedies.
Blind persons or individuals with disabilities, discriminating against in public employment: RCW 70.84.080.
DiscriminationUnfair practices: RCW 49.60.180 through 49.60.200.
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