Chapter 81.77 RCW


Compliance with chapter requiredExemption for cities.
Jurisdiction of commission upon discontinuation of jurisdiction by municipality.
Supervision and regulation by commission.
Certificate of convenience and necessity requiredIssuanceTransferabilitySolid waste categories.
Filing fees.
Liability and property damage insuranceSurety bond.
Companies to file reports of gross operating revenue and pay feesLegislative intentDisposition of revenue.
Application to foreign or interstate commerceRegulation of solid waste collection companies.
Temporary certificates.
Service to unincorporated areas of counties.
Application of chapter to collection or transportation of source separated recyclable materials.
Application of chapterCollection and transportation of recyclable materials by recycling companies or nonprofit entitiesReuse or reclamation.
Pass-through ratesRules.
Fees, charges, or taxesNormal operating expense.
Recyclable materials collectionProcessing and marketing.
Recyclable materials collectionRevenue sharingReport.
Curbside recyclingReduced rate.
Discounts for low-income customers.
Federal authority and registration for compensatory services.
Protection of records containing commercial information.
Unlawful diversion of recyclable material: RCW 70.95.235.
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