Chapter 36.29 RCW



HTMLPDF 36.29.010General duties.
HTMLPDF 36.29.020Custodian of moneysInvesting tribal fundsInvestment of funds not required for immediate expendituresService fee.
HTMLPDF 36.29.022Combining of moneys for investment.
HTMLPDF 36.29.024Investment expenses.
HTMLPDF 36.29.025Official seal.
HTMLPDF 36.29.090Suspension of treasurer.
HTMLPDF 36.29.100Ex officio collector of first-class city taxes.
HTMLPDF 36.29.110City taxes.
HTMLPDF 36.29.120Ex officio collector of other city taxes.
HTMLPDF 36.29.130Duty to collect taxes.
HTMLPDF 36.29.160Segregation and collection of specified assessments and charges made by public utility districts, water-sewer districts, or the countyFee.
HTMLPDF 36.29.170Office at county seat.
HTMLPDF 36.29.180Fees for handling, collecting, disbursing, and accounting for special assessments, fees, rates, or charges.
HTMLPDF 36.29.190Acceptance of electronic paymentsTransaction processing costs.
HTMLPDF 36.29.200Collection of sales and use taxes for zoo and aquarium advisory authority.
HTMLPDF 36.29.210Property tax exemption and deferral programsNotice.


Deeds issued by, limitation on actions against: RCW 4.16.090.
Department of revenue to advise: RCW 84.08.020.
Deposit of public funds with: State Constitution Art. 11 s 15.
Duties relating to
assessment and charges against state lands (local purposes): Chapter 79.44 RCW.
bailiff's salary: RCW 2.32.370.
bonds, form, sale, etc.: RCW 39.44.130.
cemetery districts: Chapter 68.52 RCW.
cities and towns
agreements with county for planning, construction, etc., of streets: RCW 35.77.030.
annexation of unincorporated areas: Chapter 35.13 RCW.
disincorporation of: Chapter 35.07 RCW.
incorporation of: Chapter 35.02 RCW.
unfit buildings, structures, or premises, proceedings to abate: RCW 35.80.030.
community college fees: Chapter 28B.15 RCW.
county and city tuberculosis hospital: Chapter 70.30 RCW.
county law library fund: RCW 27.24.070.
county road fund
illegal use of: RCW 47.08.100.
penalty: RCW 47.08.110.
county superintendent of schools of joint county district, funds for: Chapter 28A.310 RCW.
court reporter compensation, traveling expenses: RCW 2.32.210.
damage done by dogs: Chapter 16.08 RCW.
dances, licensing of: Chapter 67.12 RCW.
diking and drainage, intercounty districts: Chapter 85.24 RCW.
diking districts: Chapter 85.05 RCW.
reorganization of (1917 act): Chapter 85.20 RCW.
diking, drainage or sewerage improvement districts: Chapter 85.08 RCW.
federal aid to: Chapter 85.12 RCW.
maintenance costs and levies: Chapter 85.16 RCW.
diking, drainage district benefits to roads, how paid: RCW 85.07.040, 85.07.050.
disinfection of horticultural premises: Chapter 15.08 RCW.
district court income: Chapter 3.62 RCW.
district courts and other courts of limited jurisdiction: Chapters 3.30, 3.34, 3.38, 3.42, 3.46, 3.50, 3.54, 3.58, 3.62, 3.66, 3.70, 3.74 RCW.
dogs: Chapter 16.08 RCW.
drainage districts: Chapter 85.06 RCW.
revenue act: Chapter 85.32 RCW.
fire protection district: Chapter 52.16 RCW.
local improvement districts: Chapter 52.20 RCW.
flood control by counties jointly: Chapter 86.13 RCW.
flood control districts (1937 act): Chapter 86.09 RCW.
flood control zone districts: Chapter 86.15 RCW.
forest insect and disease control: Chapter 76.06 RCW.
forest rehabilitation: Chapter 76.14 RCW.
funding indebtedness of counties: Chapter 39.52 RCW.
health districts: Chapter 70.46 RCW.
hospital districts: Chapter 70.44 RCW.
industrial development districts: Chapter 53.25 RCW.
intercounty rural library district: Chapter 27.12 RCW.
intercounty weed districts: Chapter 17.06 RCW.
irrigation districts
dissolution of insolvent districts: Chapter 87.56 RCW.
generally: Chapter 87.03 RCW.
joint control of: Chapter 87.80 RCW.
refunding bonds (1923 act): Chapter 87.19 RCW.
refunding bonds (1929 act): Chapter 87.22 RCW.
revenue bonds on domestic water or power service: Chapter 87.28 RCW.
under contract with United States: Chapter 87.68 RCW.
island counties, refund of vehicle license and fuel tax fees: RCW 46.68.080.
lien for transportation, storage, advancements, etc.: Chapter 60.60 RCW.
lien foreclosure: Chapter 84.64 RCW.
liquor, billiard tables, bowling alleys, licensing of use, sale of: Chapter 67.14 RCW.
metropolitan municipal corporations: Chapter 35.58 RCW.
local improvement districts: RCW 35.58.500.
metropolitan park district bonds: Chapter 35.61 RCW.
mobile home or park model trailer movement permits and decals: RCW 46.44.170, 46.44.173.
mosquito control districts: Chapter 17.28 RCW.
municipal courts: Chapter 35.20 RCW.
pest districts: Chapter 17.12 RCW.
port districts
acquisition of property by: Chapter 53.08 RCW.
dissolution of: Chapter 53.48 RCW.
finances of: Chapter 53.36 RCW.
local improvement districts: RCW 53.08.050.
public health pooling fund: RCW 70.12.030 through 70.12.070.
public lands, sales and lease of, treasurer to perform auditors duties in certain counties: RCW 79.02.090.
public utility districts
local improvement assessment delinquency: Chapter 54.24 RCW.
privilege tax, distribution of: Chapter 54.28 RCW.
public waterway district: Chapter 91.08 RCW.
public works, treasurer to require statement of hourly wage paid: RCW 39.12.040.
reclamation districts of one million acres: Chapter 89.30 RCW.
recording of town plats, generally: Chapter 58.08 RCW.
reforestation: Chapter 79.22 RCW and RCW 79.64.100.
regional libraries: RCW 27.12.080.
river and harbor improvement districts: Chapter 88.32 RCW.
rural county library district: Chapter 27.12 RCW.
school districts
bonds: Chapter 28A.530 RCW.
funds, investment by: RCW 28A.320.320.
organization: Chapter 28A.315 RCW.
first class, signing of warrants by: RCW 28A.330.080.
validation of indebtedness: Chapter 28A.535 RCW.
school funds: Chapter 28A.545 RCW.
stock restricted areas: Chapter 16.24 RCW.
tax liens, foreclosure of when city or town L.I.D. assessments on: RCW 35.49.130 through 35.49.160.
excise tax on real estate sales: Chapter 82.45 RCW.
transportation vehicle fund: RCW 28A.160.130.
collection of: Chapter 84.56 RCW.
lien foreclosure: Chapter 84.64 RCW.
lien of: Chapter 84.60 RCW.
listing of: Chapter 84.40 RCW.
recovery: Chapter 84.68 RCW.
teachers' certification fees: RCW 28A.410.060.
townsites on United States lands, acquisition of land by inhabitants: Chapter 58.28 RCW.
traffic schools: Chapter 46.83 RCW.
trespass by animals, sale of for damages: Chapter 16.04 RCW.
water-sewer districts
generally: Title 57 RCW.
local improvement districts: Chapter 57.16 RCW.
local improvement guaranty fund: RCW 57.20.030.
maintenance fund, special funds: RCW 57.20.140.
weed districts: Chapter 17.04 RCW.
Flood control districts (1937 act), treasurer as ex officio district treasurer: RCW 86.09.313.
Intercounty weed district, treasurer as ex officio treasurer of: RCW 17.06.060.
Irrigation districts
generally, treasurer as ex officio treasurer: RCW 87.03.440.
refunding bonds (1929 act), payable at office of: RCW 87.22.165.
Misappropriation by: RCW 42.20.090.
Public depositariesDeposit and investment of public funds: Chapter 39.58 RCW.
Public utility districts, treasurer as ex officio treasurer of: RCW 54.24.010.
Reclamation districts of one million acres
treasurer as ex officio treasurer: RCW 89.30.310.
treasurer may act as district secretary: RCW 89.30.625.
treasurer's liability: RCW 89.30.313.
Recording of town plats, proceedings for violations brought in name of treasurer: RCW 58.08.035.
School districts, treasurer as ex officio treasurer of: RCW 28A.510.270.
Taxes, property, penalty for nonperformance of duty: RCW 84.09.040.
Taxes and assessments, prepayment and deposit of: RCW 36.32.120.
Unclaimed money and property in hands of public authority, disposition: RCW 63.30.040.
Vehicle registration filing fee to go to: RCW 46.68.400.
Violations bureau moneys remitted to: RCW 3.30.090.
Water-sewer districts, bonds, payment of interest: RCW 57.20.130.
Weed district, treasurer as ex officio treasurer of: RCW 17.04.250.