Chapter 85.32 RCW


Declaration of necessity and purpose.
Powers of board in general.
Initial determinationRollResolution, contents.
Contents of rollAssessed, equalized value prima facie correctSeparate levies for prior indebtednessAdjustment of roll.
Notice of hearingContents.
Written objectionsFilingGroundsWaiver.
Additional roll due to omitted property or changed conditions.
Certification and filing of rollAdditional, supplemental roll supplements original.
Reexamination of propertiesSupplemental rollCertification and filing.
Roll is base for benefits against which levy made.
Levy for outstanding indebtedness.
Emergency warrants in excess of estimates.
Chapter exclusive methodConcurrent use of other method to extinguish prior indebtednessSpecial assessment bonds.
Owners of extraterritorial lands on roll are electors and may be commissionersCorporations.
Roll proceedings are conclusiveInjunction upon limited grounds.
Judicial reviewPetition to superior court.
Judicial reviewFiling of transcript, objections, resolutionFiling feesNo bond requiredNotice of hearing and trial.
Judicial reviewScope of trial.
Appellate review.
Levies are for continuous benefits.
Annual estimate of costs.
Powers and duties of chapter are supplemental.
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