Chapter 35.61 RCW


Actions subject to review by boundary review board.
CreationTerritory included.
ElectionResolution or petitionAreaLimitations.
ElectionReview by boundary review boardQuestion stated.
ElectionCreation of districtBridge loan, line of credit.
Composition of boardElection of commissionersTermsVacancies.
ElectionsLaws governing.
Indebtedness limitWithout popular vote.
Indebtedness limitWith popular vote.
Revenue bonds.
Park commissioners as officers of districtOrganization.
Eminent domainPark commissioners' authority, generallyProspective staff screening.
Disposition of surplus property.
Executory conditional sales contracts for purchase of propertyLimit on indebtednessElection, when.
ContractsCompetitive biddingSmall works rosterExemption.
Community revitalization financingPublic improvements.
Park commissionersCivil service for employees.
Park commissionersCompensation.
Designation of district treasurer.
Park district bondsRetirement.
Park district bondsPayment of interest.
Park district tax levyMetropolitan park district fund.
Petition for improvements on assessment plan.
Assessment lienCollection.
Territorial annexationAuthorityPetition.
Territorial annexationHearing on petition.
Territorial annexationElectionMethod.
Territorial annexationPark district containing city with population over one hundred thousandAssumption of indebtedness.
Territorial annexationElectionResult.
Transfer of property by city, county, or other municipal corporationEmergency grant or loan of funds by city.
Transfer of property by city, county, or other municipal corporationAssumption of indebtednessIssuance of refunding bonds.
Disincorporation of district located in county with a population of two hundred ten thousand or more and inactive for five years.
Moorage facilitiesRegulations authorizedPort charges, delinquencyAbandoned vessels, public sale.
Withdrawal or reannexation of areas.
Park district containing city with population over one hundred thousandMay commission police officers.
Community athletics programsSex discrimination prohibited.
Acquisition of
land for and operation of public parks, beaches or camps: RCW 67.20.010.
real or personal property for park purposes, conditional sales contracts: RCW 39.30.010.
Appeal of assessments and reassessments: RCW 35.44.200 through 35.44.270.
Contracts with community service organizations for public improvements: RCW 35.21.278.
Limitations upon indebtedness: State Constitution Art. 7 § 2 (Amendments 55, 59), Art. 8 § 6 (Amendment 27), chapter 39.36 RCW, RCW 84.52.050.
Local governmental organizations, actions affecting boundaries, etc., review by boundary review board: Chapter 36.93 RCW.
Metropolitan park district property subject to assessment: RCW 35.44.170.
Park and recreation districts: Chapter 36.69 RCW.
Public bonds, form, terms of sale, payment, etc.: Chapter 39.44 RCW.
Shorelands, parks or playgrounds, application, grant or exchange: RCW 79.125.710, 79.125.720.
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