Chapter 87.80 RCW


Board of joint control authorized.
Petition to create board requiredSignaturesFiling.
Form and contents of petitionMap.
Petition filed if regular in formHearing set.
Notice of hearing.
Form and contents of notice.
Conduct and scope of hearingIndependent investigation authorized.
Creation of board of joint controlResolution filed.
Principal office, oaths, terms, of boardRepresentation on board.
Organization of boardMeetingsQuorum.
Compensation of board members and employees.
Powers of board of joint controlLimitation.
Board's limitations.
Entity's levy to include budget apportionment.
Control fund createdDeposits and remittances.
Payments from control fund.
Agencies under contract with federal governmentAbility to participate in board.
Board created among entities using Yakima river and tributariesCoordination with federal and state programs.
Effect of chapter on general water rights adjudications.
Construction2003 c 306.
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