On Line Resources and Documentary Studies

Shifiting Boundaries: Redistricting in Washington State
The special online presentation provides a brief history of redistricting in Washington and a chance to explore some of the controversies caused by shifting political boundaries. Learn about redistricting efforts through the decades or browse the special features, which include interviews, photographs, news articles, video clips, and hard-to-find documents.

Office of the Code Reviser
The Oral History Program has documented the career of Washington State’s first Code Reviser in Richard White: An Oral History. Beginning in 1951 until his retirement in 1978, White created and then transformed the office of the Code Reviser, replacing multiple carbon copies and manual typewriters with high-speed computers and copy machines. The Code Reviser’s office drafts bills for legislation, state law and administrative rules.

Works in Progress

  • Women in the Washington Legislature biographical dictionary
  • Julia Butler Hansen: A Documentary Study
  • The Public-Private Power Debate of 1961: A Documentary Study