How is the Program Administered?

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The Oral History Program was created as a statutory program in 1991. It is administered by the Office of the Secretary of State but governed by a Legislative Advisory Committee. The Committee sets the policy for the Program and chooses the candidates for oral histories.

The Advisory Committee consists of the Secretary of State, Secretary of the Senate, the Chief Clerk of the House and two members from each caucus in each House. Present members are:

  • Sam Reed, Secretary of State
  • Tom Hoemann, Secretary of the Senate
  • Senator Darlene Fairley
  • Senator Karen Fraser
  • Senator Jim Honeyford
  • Representative Sam Hunt (chair)
  • Representative John Ahern
  • Representative Steve Conway
  • Representative Mary Skinner

A group of ex officio appointees also guide the program:

  • Warren Bishop
  • Dean Foster
  • Former Senator Alan Thompson
  • Former Senator Don Carlson
  • Dave Nicandri, Director of the Washington State Historical Society