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PDFWAC 51-56-0200

Chapter 2Definitions.

205.0 Certified Backflow Assembly Tester - A person certified by the Washington state department of health under chapter 246-292 WAC to inspect (for correct installation and approval status) and test (for proper operation), maintain and repair (in compliance with chapter 18.106 RCW) backflow prevention assemblies, devices and air gaps.
210.0 Hot Water - Water at a temperature exceeding or equal to 100°F.
218.0 Plumbing System - Includes all potable water, building supply and distribution pipes, all reclaimed or other alternate source water systems, all rainwater systems, all plumbing fixtures and traps, all drainage and vent pipe(s), and all building drains including their respective joints and connection, devices, receptors, and appurtenances within the property lines of the premises and shall include potable water piping, potable water treating or using equipment, medical gas and medical vacuum systems, and water heaters: Provided, That no certification shall be required for the installation of a plumbing system within the property lines and outside a building.
221.0 Spray Sprinkler Body - The exterior case or shell of a sprinkler incorporating a means of connection to the piping system designed to convey water to a nozzle or orifice.
225.0 Water Heater (consumer electric storage) - A consumer product that uses electricity as the energy source to heat domestic potable water, has a nameplate input rating of twelve kilowatts or less, contains nominally forty gallons but no more than one hundred twenty gallons of rated hot water storage volume, and supplies a maximum hot water delivery temperature less than one hundred eighty degrees Fahrenheit.
Water Heater (mini-tank electric) - A small electric water heater that has a measured storage volume of more than one gallon and a rated storage volume of less than twenty gallons.
Water/Wastewater Utility - A public or private entity, including a water purveyor as defined in chapter 246-290 WAC, which may treat, deliver, or do both functions to reclaimed (recycled) water, potable water, or both to wholesale or retail customers.
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